Manchester United security staff scan team hotel for listening devices to stop details of Louis van Gaal’s team talks getting out


  • Manchester United are checking for bugs to prevent spying on team talks
  • Old Trafford officials do not want Louis van Gaal’s talks to leak out
  • Policy has been in place since a recorder was found under David Moyes

Manchester United have been sweeping their team hotel for bugs in a bid to stop Louis van Gaal’s team talks being listened in on.

Old Trafford officials tested for listening devices at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester on the night before their 3-1 win over Liverpool before Van Gaal ran through his tactics with his players.

And it must have done the trick, with the visitors at Old Trafford completely surprised when Daley Blind swept home a cleverly-worked free-kick to give United a lead they would not relinquish.

A Manchester United security man sweeps the dining room of the Lowry Hotel for electronic bugs before a team meeting led by manager Louis van Gaal ahead of Saturday’s match with Liverpool

The security official uses a scanner to check for bugging devices behind the curtains in the meeting room

The official also checked the table where Van Gaal and his coaching team would sit a short time later

United manager Louis van Gaal and assistant Ryan Giggs held a meeting in the room shortly afterwards

The meeting room at the Lowry Hotel used by United’s management for their pre-Liverpool team meeting

The practice of checking for devices around United’s hotels has been in place since the David Moyes era in the 2013-14 season, when a voice recorder was found hidden in the former manager’s team meeting by pranksters.

Now, club security check behind curtains and under tables to make sure they are not caught out again with Van Gaal determined to keep things under wraps.

After scanning the room for listening devices, David de Gea and Co were then allowed into the room to eat and discuss the Liverpool clash.

Manchester United have been scanning rooms for bugs to avoid Louis van Gaal’s team meetings being leaked

The United manager talked through tactics with his team ahead of Saturday’s 3-1 win over Liverpool

United stay at the Lowry hotel in Manchester before their home games, with staff checking the rooms used

Earlier this week, Sportsmail revealed how Van Gaal has transformed the club from the ground up since taking over as manager at the beginning of last season.

The players are told to mingle with supporters, as the boss does, the pitches at United’s Carrington HQ have been adapted to match the field at Old Trafford and Van Gaal’s players are made to wait until their manager gives the go-ahead for them to eat lunch.

Carrington is also checked by security for bugs in a bid to make sure the breach from the Moyes era is not replicated.

The policy dates back to David Moyes’ reign, when a prankster’s voice recorder was found in a meeting room

Keeping the tactics quiet clearly worked for United, with Daley Blind benefiting from a clever set-piece routine

The Dutch manager agreed to change his ways during pre-season training after words with captain Wayne Rooney and senior midfielder Michael Carrick, but he says his players must present compelling arguments to convince him his way is wrong.

‘They have to explain why and how and then I’ll listen,’ Van Gaal said this week. ‘Not only I will listen. Also my assistants are listening and then we discuss it. And then I have to change it.

Van Gaal has changed the way things work at Old Trafford but he is willing to listen to his players at times

‘But, yeah, then you have to come with strong arguments, so I have adapted.

‘For example, I have read there are a lot of meetings. That’s the philosophy – that you have to make an analysis of the opponents, then you need a meeting to show that.

‘Then you have to make a game plan, then you have to hold a meeting about the game plan.’