Duterte ‘narco-politicians’ wiretapped

Duterte admits ordering ‘narco-politicians’ wiretapped

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Duterte admits ordering ‘narco-politicians’ wiretapped.  President Rodrigo Duterte admitted ordering the wiretapping of government officials he has accused of being “narco-politicians,” among them the late Ozamis City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, although he did not say whether these taps were covered by court orders as required by law. The admission was made during Duterte’s visit, his fifth, to troops in Marawi …

Ecuador president finds spy camera in his office

Ecuador President accuses predecessor of planting spy camera in his office

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Ecuador president accuses predecessor of planting spy camera.   Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno angrily denounced his predecessor on Friday for planting a hidden video camera in his office so that he could spy on him remotely. “Shocked and furious,” Moreno wrote in a message on Twitter to denounce the discovery of the device, which he said violated his privacy. Later in …