Chinese Australia Spying

Chinese media accuses Australia of spying

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A Chinese state-run media outlet accuses Australia of spying on China and stealing its technology. Beijing (AFP) —  A Chinese state-run newspaper accused Australia of spying on China and stealing its technology on Thursday, weeks after Beijing rejected allegations of interference in Australian politics. An employee of China’s national security department told the Global Times that Australian intelligence agents “in …

Famous Cases of Corporate Espionage

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Famous Cases of Corporate Espionage.  For as long as there has been commerce, there has been espionage. The methods for spying on competitors have changed over time, but the desire to uncover a rival’s secrets has not. Here’s a sample of some notable cases of corporate espionage. 1. Hot Commodity Père d’Entrecolles was a French Jesuit missionary in the early …

Hunt ‘responsible for bugging chambers’

Hunt ‘responsible for bugging chambers’

Cean Bugging Device Found, Eavesdropping Prosecution

Hunt ‘responsible for bugging chambers’.  KwaZulu-Natal advocate Penny Hunt has been suspended from practising as an advocate for six months. Penny Hunt arrives at the high court on a previous occasion. Two judges ruled that she displayed unprofessional conduct and a lack of judgment. (File) This is the punishment determined by high court judges Albert Kruger and Connie Mocumie, who …

Secret Recording

New Zealand PM spoke to police over Todd Barclay’s secret recording

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PM Bill English spoke to police over Todd Barclay’s secret recording.  Prime Minister Bill English has admitted police spoke to him about Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay secretly recording his staff members. “The substance of my statement to the police is that he told me there were recordings of his staff,” Mr English told media this afternoon. Mr Barclay had been …