Our Services

Eclipse Support Services are a specialist security consultancy providing companies and individual clientele with professional, yet discrete TSCM services.

Our Primary Services:

TSCM Sweeps (Electronic Debugging)

TSCM Sweeps

TSCM Training

TSCM Training

TSCM Equipment

TSCM Equipment

To ensure you receive only the very best in service, we use only the very best in TSCM technology and employ highly skilled individuals with impeccable backgrounds and solid operational TSCM experience.

We have hub offices and equipment in both the UK and the Middle East (Dubai), allowing us a greater geographical footprint. Our international reach is extensive and we regularly provide TSCM services to clients around the globe.

TSCM Sweeps

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (also known as  TSCM, Electronic Sweeps, Debugging, Electronic Counter Measures and ECM) can best be described as a structured and systematic physical search; along with a specialist electronic examination of a designated area to discover both active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices.

Eclipse Support Services utilise the very latest in electronic counter-surveillance equipment and are capable of locating sophisticated ’21st century’ audio / video / GPS devices.  Our equipment is the same used by both British and foreign Governments; along with many police services and military forces around the world. For ease of deployment, we have significant TSCM equipment held in both the UK and with our representative office in Dubai.

We pride ourselves in providing the top class personnel with the best equipment available to conduct TSCM surveys to the highest possible standards.  Our equipment is sourced from a variety of suppliers enabling us to pick the best equipment for any given task including (but not confined to) Far Field Spectrum Analysers, Near Field Radio Detection Systems, Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Telephone and Line Analysers, GSM Detection / Location Equipment, Thermal Imaging Systems, Endoscopes, Specialist telephone and electronic test equipments.

Our TSCM Sweeps consists of three phases:

  • 1. Initial Site Review

    Prior to conducting a TSCM sweep, we will either attend the location to be swept, or request layout drawings in order to review your requirements and to ensure an accurate quotation.

  • 2. TSCM Sweep

    a. Sweep & Analysis utilizing the latest specialist electronic TSCM equipment

    b. A skilled deep physical search & inspection of the ‘at risk’ location.

  • 3. Report

    A concise technical report of our findings, along with practical advice on how to further protect and defend your location from ‘eavesdropping’.

Our Managing Director (Peter Old) has 28+ years experience in the corporate TSCM industry.  In addition, each of our UK consultants have at least 15 years’ experience in the industry, making Eclipse one of the most experienced UK TSCM companies.

Eclipse Support Services have the ability to conduct full and professional physical & technical sweeps. Our TSCM equipment and operators are world-class giving you the confidence in knowing we know our tradecraft.

Competent  •  Thorough  •  Discrete

TSCM Training

Eclipse Support Services have provided quality TSCM training to both commercial and government organisations alike. We have extensive knowledge of the TSCM / electronic debugging industry and supply bespoke / tailored TSCM training courses to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our experience and exposure to the numerous pieces of TSCM equipment available allows us to provide training to fit with the specific equipment holdings of the client. Likewise, we evaluate the current experience level of the TSCM students in order to enable them to make best use of their specific equipment and to establish what (if any) weaknesses they need to address.

Furthermore, We are able to deliver a back-up service to complement TSCM operators by providing periodic evaluation of their ongoing performance to ensure their service delivery is optimal.

This training is conducted either at our offices in Farnborough, or at any secure location of the clients choosing.

TSCM Equipment

Eclipse Support Services are an independent and impartial company and not exclusively aligned to any specific manufacturer, or supplier of TSCM equipment.

This places us in the best possible position to review your existing TSCM equipment, along with assessing your future needs and recommend to you the best equipment available in the marketplace, based on current and anticipated technological developments.

We are able to recommend and supply the best equipment needed to meet and surpass your requirements; along with the necessary equipment-specific training for your TSCM operators.

Our company has contact with all the major TSCM equipment manufacturers / suppliers and make it our business to know our tradecraft by remaining current with new TSCM technology capabilities.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss current TSCM equipment, capabilities and pricing.