Bizarre noise-cancelling mask stops colleagues eavesdropping on your conversations

CeanTSCM Equipment

The unusual device hooks up to a smartphone and also includes a range of sound effects

Showcased at the CES tech show in Las Vegas last week, the unusual device features built-in microphones for active voice suppression.  What’s more, ‘voice masking mode’ enables the user to choose from a selection of audio affects including Darth Vadar, R2-D2 or a Minion.  There are also some nature-based tones, including the ocean, birds and squirrels.

The strange gadget is the work of a group of US-based Ukrainian designers.  A promotional video shows an office worker donning the muzzle-like device while making a short phone call before removing it from his face and casually resting it around his neck.

The Hushme is expected to come with a price tag of around £165 ($200) though no release date has been given. The makers are hoping to gather the necessary cash for a product launch using a crowd-funding site.

By Libby Plummer -12 JAN 2017